3 – 4 Weeks

Hours Used:

50 Hours

The task:

To make a Game of Thrones inspired board game with Javascript and a CSS pre compiler of choice. The game should emulate “Snakes And Ladders”, have at least 2 players and have 5 traps on the board to encourage interactivity. 

The main intention of the task was to check our javascript skills, see if we could call for an API, work with local storage, work with the new html5 canvas element and make basic javascript rules. 

The Game





Front Page

Design Choices

The premisse of the game is to “Climb The Ice Wall” in game of thrones. So i chose to keep the colors cold and reflect the cold feeling in the background images. 

All the players are drawn to add to the cartoonish feel of the game. 

The game itself shows clearly who’s turn it is and is easy to understand and play. 

If a players steps on one of the red fields they landed on a trap and will be set back a certain amount of tiles and a message shows up.   

Winner Page


This was my first big javascript project. I’m happy with the result and the functionality of the game. There are some big hurdles to step over when starting to code with javascript and i feel like i stepped over a big one with this one. Some of the design work could be better but all in all it was a good result. 

What i Learned

  • Html5 Canvas Element
  • Working with javascript on a bigger project
  • Became more literate in SASS
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